• ABS plastic, droplet shape encases LCD display
  • LCD display shows volume of water in numerical and graphical format
  • Waterproof case and buttons
  • Wall mounted or lanyard hung
  • Lithium battery, life 12 months
  • Dimensions 75mm(h), 45mm(w), 15mm(d)
  • Protected by UK patent – worldwide patents pending

The worlds first low cost universal shower meter


The Eco Showerdrop

‘The largest CO2 emissions from domestic water use in the future are likely to come from showering'

~ Energy Saving Trust 2009

‘Showering accounts for about one third of the total water used in the home and this is the fastest growing sector of water use. Devices like the Showerdrop shower meter help consumers become more aware of how much water they need to shower. It can help to save water and energy.’

~ Jacob Tompkins, Director of Waterwise

20% of our total domestic energy usage is from hot water for showering and bathing. That’s over 6 times the energy usage of domestic lighting. By reducing our shower usage to the recommended level, a family of four could save £180 a year* in energy and water costs. The Showerdrop is designed to do just that

Different flow rates and different showerheads mean that water use varies. A power shower can easily use 20 litres of water a minute, meaning more than five minutes in the shower could use far more than a bath. So whilst simply timing your shower is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t tell you how much water is being used.

The Eco Showerdrop is the world’s first low-cost, universal shower meter. A simple digital display lets you know exactly how much water your shower dispenses through user-friendly graphics. A simple alert tells you when the recommended amount of water has been dispensed.*

The savings can be substantial in both water and energy. For a family of four that could be over £180 a year saved on water and energy bills, as well as over 40,000 litres of water and two thirds of a tonne of carbon**!

There’s no installation, just a very simple set-up, and no tools are required.

* 35 litres as recommended by Waterwise and leading water companies.
** Based on Waterwise 2008 survey, figures verified by Waterwise.