How does Eco Showerdrop work?

How it works

Battery installation

Open the battery cover, take out the battery then remove plastic film beneath. Replace the battery and close the cover.

Take care that the cover is securely locked in place to ensure a watertight seal. The battery should last for up to a year with normal use and when necessary should be replaced with a CR type battery.

Clock set up

Press and hold clock set button for 2 seconds

Clock hour display flashes

Press the big button to move hours up, small button to move hours down

Press clock set button once to set hours, then minute display flashes

Press the big button to move minutes up, the small button to move minutes down

Press clock set button to finish clock setup

Siting your Showerdrop

Locate the Showerdrop in a convenient position where all shower users can see it clearly. The Showerdrop can be wall mounted using the bracket supplied or simply hung up by it's strap.

To use the wall bracket, remove the protective lm from the self adhesive pad and press rmly in place. For a more permanent xing you may wish to use a screw through the hole provided.

Hold the Showerdrop at right angles to the bracket and engage the mounting hole with the peg on the bracket. Rotate the Showerdrop until it is vertical and secure on the bracket.

To attach the strap, loop the thin connecting cord through the case as shown.

Siting your Showerdrop

Calibrating the Showerdrop

To calibrate the showerdrop, you need to measure how long your shower takes to expel one litre of water. A simple measuring bag is supplied for this purpose, but if you prefer you can use a standard measuring jug that holds at least one litre.

Calibration the showerdrop

We suggest you experiment a couple of times to rst see how quickly the shower takes to ll the container to the one litre mark. Hold the container as level as possible under the shower head, or if you can, place it on the oor of the shower and put the shower head into it. Hold the shower head steady to ensure that all the water goes into the container. Turn on the shower to your normal setting and ll the container with one litre. If you have a power shower, it could take as little as 3-4 seconds so be alert!


Calibrate ShowerdropTo set up the showerdrop, press and hold both the droplet buttons on your showerdrop. After 2 seconds the clock display will start flashing as zeros. You are now ready to calibrate your Showerdrop.

Calibrate ShowerdropTurn on your shower and when you are ready press the large droplet button at the same time as you start to fill the container. When the water has reached the one litre mark press the big button again. If you're happy with the accuracy, then press the small droplet button and you're done. The Showerdrop is now calibrated to measure your own particular shower.

Calibrate ShowerdropIf you're not happy and think your set-up was inaccurate, then simply reset the process by pressing both droplet buttons until the clock display flashes as zeros. You can then repeat the procedure above to set up the Showerdrop

Remember the more accurate the calibration, the more accurate the Showerdrop will be.

Thats it. You don't need to reset the Showerdrop again unless you use a different shower or change the batteries. If you're not happy and think your set-up was inaccurate, then simply reset the process by pressing both droplet buttons until the clock display flashes as zeros. You can then repeat the procedure above to set up the Showerdrop.

Using the Showerdrop

When you take a shower, start the Showerdrop by pressing the big droplet button when you turn the shower on. The display will then show the number of litres dispensed and the illustrated figure filling up. When the figure is full, which equates to 35 litres, an audible alert sounds. 35 litres is the amount of water recommended for a shower by UK water authorities*

To turn the Showerdrop off, simply press the small button again and the display stops, showing the amount of water you've used. If you carry on showering, or forget to turn it off, the display continues to show the litres dispensed up to a maximum of 99 litres, when it will stop automatically.

The Showerdrop resets itself automatically after aproximately 5 seconds, ready for your next shower.


Pause function

Some people turn off the water while they soap up and turn it on again to rinse off. You can pause the Showerdrop while you do this by pressing the big button and pressing again to continue when you restart the shower. That way you'll save even more.